5 Traditional Ceremonies to See While in Bali

Ceremonies in Bali – You haven’t truly experienced Bali if you haven’t witnessed or experienced the rich cultural traditions to be found on the island. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the most iconic Balinese traditions to see in Bali!

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Ngaben is a ceremony to cleanse and purify the dead – it’s a type of funeral procession. The bodies of the deceased are purified by burning them in a fire, then washing away the ashes in a source of water such as rivers or oceans. Typically, the higher the caste of the deceased, the more festive and intricate the ceremony will be.




Trunyan is a special village located in Kintamani, where the dead are not buried. But, instead placed by the Taru trees. It is where the scent of the tree overpowers the decomposition of the human body, giving it a fragrant smell.




Melasti is a ceremony held the day before the Day of Silence, or Nyepi. It’s when families gather together and send their prayers and blessings to the nearest water source. It can be a river, a lake or the ocean. The purpose of the ceremony is to purify the soul and send all the evil and negative energy into the ocean.




Famously known worldwide as the Day of Silence. Nyepi is a truly special day that can only be experienced in Bali. It’s a day where the entire island of Bali shuts down.  No electricity, no people on the streets, no reception or any activities out in public. It’s a day dedicated to meditation and reflection. The locals believe that Nyepi is when the Gods themselves descend to Earth to meditate, hence the silence.




Last but certainly not least, is the Saraswati ceremony. This ceremony is in celebration of the Goddess of wisdom and knowledge herself and is marked by activities that promote the increase of knowledge such as reading and praying to books.  In some places, there are even special dance performances to mark the occasion.

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It’s worth noting that all these rituals and traditions are sacred to the local Balinese, and therefore proper manners and clothing are expected. Are you ready to explore Bali? Book a reservation with us at Sun Island Bali, and we’ll show you the best way to catch these Balinese traditions on your visit!