Beaches in Bali – Southern Coast of Bali

The beaches in Bali are a quintessential aspect of the island. Bali is arguably home to some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in the country. Here are some of our picks for the best beaches in the southern parts of Bali.


Bali Beaches | Sun Islands

Bali Beaches | Sun Islands


Nyang Nyang Beach


This is one of the least visited beaches on the southern coast of Bali due to its slightly remote location, requiring visitors to trek through some rugged terrain before reaching the pristine coastline. Those feeling a bit more adventurous will find the journey to Nyang Nyang Beach very rewarding.


Balangan Beach


Balangan is known for its surfing scene, as there are plenty of swells to catch here, ranging from beginner to advanced. If you enjoy going underwater, you can also go snorkeling and marvel at the exquisite coral gardens that decorate the sea floor.


Gunung Payung


Named after the landmark temple with the same name, this beach is another remote beach along a beautiful coastline. The waters are pristine and you can witness fishermen casting their nets to harvest seaweeds. Accessing this beach requires you to descend a steep flight of stairs along the cliff face.


Green Bowl


This beach features a 60-meter long coastline decorated with seaweed, hence the name. Much like other southern beaches of Bali, you have to descend the cliff face via a steep flight of stairs to reach it. You’ll also see bat caves as you descend the limestone cliffs, which adds to the exotic features of this beach.


These are just some of the best hidden beaches along the southern coast of Bali. Note that almost all the beaches in the southern part of the island require you to descend the limestone cliff face to reach the coast, so make sure you’re wearing comfortable foot wear! Looking to explore the beaches in Bali? Book a reservation with us at Sun Island Bali, and you’ll be minutes away from some of the best beaches on the island.