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10 Best Beaches in Bali


People come every day to Bali for the beauty of the island. Some seek for the arts, some for the cultures, some for the parties, and some for the food. Yet, almost everyone comes to Bali for one mutual destination: beautiful beach. Whether for surfing, diving, sun-lounging, sunset-seeking, or simply swimming, Bali’s beaches are what attract people to go to Bali.

With myriads of world’s most beautiful beaches outlining the island from coast to coast, Bali is a paradise for those who love sands, sea waters and flip-flops. From gold-sanded, black-sanded to white-sanded, Bali has varieties of beaches that might suit your preference.

Sun Island Bali has compiled 10 most beautiful beaches spread around Bali to help you arrange your to-do list in Bali.

1. Kuta Beach

The most famous beach in Bali is known from time to time for its beautiful sunset. Once a fisherman’s beach, Kuta has now turned into an entertainment hub with cafés, bars, and malls around. However, the beauty hasn’t faded at all.

Gold-sanded Kuta is also known for the waves, which might satisfy surfers, especially during the dusk. For families, the wide-stretched sandy beach with umbrellas everywhere is a great place to lounge as well.

2. Sanur Beach

Sanur might be Bali’s resort beach, but it has maintained Bali’s art and culture at hand. Known for its laidback atmosphere and relaxing ambiance, the beach mixes together beach clubs, restaurant and cafés with lilting shores, almost without waves. Compared to Kuta and its likes, Sanur is a calmer beach and a great spot to catch sunrise.

3. Lovina Beach

Located away from the crowd in North of Bali, Lovina is covered with black, volcanic sand originally from Mount Agung. The calm sea and slow waves guarantee its spot as a swimmer’s beach. Lovina is still a fisherman’s beach, therefore, local fishermen are still everywhere around. During sunrise, people can catch glimpse of dolphins sighting when sailing a little bit away from the beach.

4. Padang-Padang Beach

Surrounded by rocks and moss, Padang-Padang beach near Uluwatu is a paradise for surfers. Julia Roberts’ Eat, Pray, Love is responsible for making this beach a popular spot although the location is hidden away from plain sight. With many caves around, it can also be a great sport for cave exploration. When the tide is high, it’s also a pleasant swimming spot for those who dare to face sharp rocks.

5. Amed Beach

Amed beach in Karangasem is also known for its organic black sand from volcanic deposits. The wave isn’t really the main attraction for people to visit Amed; but its myriads of flat bottom lagoon – which attracts people who love diving and snorkeling. The natural beauty of Amed is conserved and protected; therefore, it becomes a paradise of underwater tourism in Bali.

6. Bias Tugal Beach

Also known as Pantai Kecil (fig. Little beach), Bias Tugal is a deserted, white-sanded beach located near Padang Bai. To reach this place, one must follow a trekking track for 500 meters; but it’s worth it. You can do various activities in this area – from swimming, snorkeling, or cave exploring. If you dare enough, you can also jump to the blue lagoon in this hidden paradise.

7. Blue Point Beach

Follow down some Rio-de-Janeiro-like paths full of bars and eateries, you’ll find a beautiful, gold-sanded beach surrounded by exotic cliff is waiting. Blue Point beach isn’t necessarily a big beach, but it’s a compact beach. The eateries do not disturb you from enjoying the beauty of the beach below. Blue Point is another surfers’ paradise for its strong current and great waves. In addition, it’s also great beach to enjoy sunset from every corner of this place.

8. Balangan Beach

This is a secret hideaway near Uluwatu. Balangan beach is a beautiful natural beauty where nature’s best gem and Balinese local wisdom go hand in hand. You need to pass local villages before arriving in this emerald and golden beaut. The current is strong – definitely not recommended for swimming; but, it’s an idyllic place to enjoy yourself on a clear dusk in Bali.

9. Melasti Beach, Tanah Lot

There are a lot of Melasti Beaches in Bali, but this one is a hidden one. Overshadowed by nearby attraction, Tanah Lot temple, little effort is needed to reach this gold-sanded beach. This beach is a unique spot; it overlooks some beautiful natural rocks in the sea and it has a small waterfall on a cliff. It’s a great place not only for swimming, but also for sunset-seeking or photography.

10. Echo Beach

Located near Bali’s hipster paradise, Echo Beach shares the hippie vibes along the way. Also known as Pantai Batu Mejan, this beach is surrounded by unique beach clubs and cafés representing the hipster side of Bali in Canggu. There’s a small river divides the shoreline, which can be crossed by walking barefooted. Whether you’re up for swimming, surfing or simply just sunset lounging, this hipster beach is what you need.

From time to time, Bali’s beaches will always be the main attractions for visitors. For whatever reason, people will keep coming to Bali for “vitamin sea.” Sun Island Bali has assisted you in compiling out some of the best beaches from around the island. We are also keen to look after you in our warmest hospitality as your mode of accommodation.