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Most Romantic Spots in Sun Island Bali For Your Romantic Getaway


Bali has always been a romantic destination for decades. Honeymooners or couples visit the island from time to time in order to find love sanctuary for love to harbor. There are hundreds of places in Bali which can make special moments more romantic due to the amorous atmosphere of the gods’ island.

Same as Bali, Sun Island Bali’s properties are as magical, inspiring and romantic. Therefore, Sun Island Bali has prepared for you a romantic to-do list for your romantic Bali getaway reference whether you are staying in our properties or not.

Legian Area

If you happen to be in Legian area – Bali’s most vibrant and dynamic area, romantic spots might be the least you can find. However, that does not mean Legian area is non-romantic. You only need to find the right place and right moment to make it amorous.

Sunset-gazing from Skylight Rooftop Bar

Whenever you are in Bali, sunset is always a beauty. The sky and the scene of the sun gets drowned into the ocean is an unrivalled moment to witness. You can enjoy this little majestic moment from the top of Legian Street at Skylight Rooftop Bar in Sun Island Hotel & Spa Legian.

Enjoying Legian Street from Sunken Pool Bar

You might not want to get trapped in the busy Legian Street; but, if you look from different perspective, you will find beauty in it. From the edge of the infinity pool at Sunken Pool Bar in Sun Island Hotel & Spa Legian, you can observe the busy Legian Street from above. With some sips of cocktails and/or beers, this observation might be more romantic than star-observation at planetarium!

Late night dinner by Legian Street at Topix Asia Restaurant & Bar

Once again, Legian Street, despite of its occasional traffic, conceals a profound beauty for those who can see. Therefore, having a late dinner or snack at the porch of Topix Asia Restaurant & Bar in the Legian hotel is a perfect moment to prove the beauty. The hustle, the bustle, the honk, the lights, and everything blend in perfectly with live entertainment to craft an ambiance you won’t see anywhere else.

Couple massage at Island Spa

Day spa is always the best treat for your partner during Bali getaway. Rejuvenated body is a key to exploring Bali further. Best thing about it is: you can have couple massage at Island Spa. You can choose whether you want to have it at Sun Island Hotel & Spa Legian or at White Rose Kuta Resort, Villas & Spa.

Hiding away in Pool Villa

In the heart of Kuta-Legian area, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Legian Street, you can find a profound serenity in the Pool Villa at White Rose Kuta Resort, Villas & Spa. It’s a completely hidden oasis.

Exchanging vow under the Three Dolphins

The Three Dolphins statue and fountain in White Rose Kuta Resort, Villas & Spa is a legend. It’s been there for decades and has witnessed more love blossoms than you. Like other couples, you can also take a vow with your beloved one under the rippling water of this statue.

Romantic Dinner at Ethnic Bunut Café

By the main pool and tropical garden, exotic Bunut Café stands with traditional, ethnic architecture. Dim light, delicious foods and live Balinese entertainment can always be the quintessence of your romantic night.

High Tea Festival at Bunut Café

Some say that love is sweet. You can taste how sweet it is with your lovely spouse during High Tea Festival every afternoon at Bunut Café. A series of delicatessen and tea or coffee will prove the sweetness of the moment.

Kuta Area

Kuta is not always about Kuta Beach; but, even without the famous beach, this area is still one of the most romantic places in Bali.

Dwelling in Bygone Era at Pavoz Restaurant & Bar

Revisit the bygone era at Pavoz Restaurant & Bar, a one-stop sport bar with retro design and vintage feels here and there in Sun Island Hotel Kuta. Lunch or dinner in Pavoz Restaurant & Bar might bring back old feeling. As a bonus, you can enjoy the ambiance of Kartika Plaza Street, known for its malls and markets.

Have your Pool Privilege

Enjoy Sun Island Hotel Kuta’s pool with extra benefits of delightful snacks and beverages. Share this relaxing moment with your beloved one!

Seminyak Area

Seminyak is a trendy and fancy area for those who love to café-hopping or club-wandering. It is known for the luxury and chicness. However, Seminyak also conceals a hidden gem at Sun Island Boutique Villas & Spa, which might become your love sanctuary.

Caving away in Plunge Pool

Each villa in the Seminyak Villas has private plunge pool to ensure your intimate moment with your beloved one is at maximum overdrive. Relax your weary body at the pool and enjoy the romantic moment in complete privacy.

Warm dinner by the pool at Sun Café

Sun Café by the pool offers a mix of International and Indonesian dishes for your intimately fun romantic getaway. Our award-winning team will take care of and spoil you and your couple for the most romantic dinner you’ve ever had in Seminyak.

Massage for two at Seminyak-side of Island Spa

You can also have couple massage in the Seminyak-side of Island Spa. Treatment for couple by the professional spa team will make sure your romantic getaway culminates in relaxation.

Jimbaran-Nusa Dua Area

Goa Gong is a lesser known area in Bali. Up in the Jimbaran Hills, near Ungasan, there’s a hill with 360-degree view of Bali called Goa Gong – the location of Sun Island Suites. The whole things in Goa Gong is beautiful, especially the tailor-made for two view, ensures your romantic getaway at most memorable moment.

Being the king and queen of the Hill

You can have the whole suite for you and your loved one. It is fully equipped with living area, kitchenette, and private pool. Own the whole place and be the king and the queen of the Hill.

Gazing the 270-degree beauty of Bali all day all night

From the suites, you can see the most magnificent view in Bali in one frame – from Kuta, Jimbaran, the airport, the ports, the sea toll, and the volcanoes. In the morning, you can watch the sky turns its colors from the sunrise. If the weather is clear, all four volcanoes in Bali will be apparent to eyes. During the dusk, the sky turns the color again and if you’re lucky, you can watch the sun sinks. During the night, the city lights are amazing from such heights. With 24-hours 270-degree of magnificent views, your romantic getaway is secured.