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Top Tourism Spots in Kuta


Kuta is always the face of Bali for long-time visitors and first-timer. Once known as a gold-sanded, surfing beach in the 1970s, this area has grown rapidly into an enormous entertainment hub. Everything – from the famous Kuta beach, various hotels of various stars, myriads of shopping places and Bali’s most famous bars – is dwelling in Kuta.

Due to its current reputation, people label Kuta as “strictly not for everyone.” The hustle and bustle might not reflect the Balinese face known from the old age, but the beaches are still iconic; and this place is still the most famous icon in Bali.

Sun Island Bali has garnered for you a list of the most famous tourism spots in Kuta you simply cannot miss.

1. Kuta Beach

The famous Kuta Beach is a well-known place to catch sunsets. It is always in visitors’ must-visit list for its atmosphere, where visitors can always learn to surf with Kuta’s incredible waves, take a whole day walk, or simply share cold beers. Do not worry about finding this beach, all locals around this area know where the beach is.

2. Local Surf School

Known for the friendly waves, Kuta is a surf heaven. It is a home for dozens of surf schools. You can find one onsite or you can find a more established one a little distant from the beach. The lesson is very affordable and most of the instructors are fluent in English.

3. Waterparks

Kuta is also known for the home of waterparks known worldwide. Waterbom, located in Jalan Kartika Plaza (near our Kuta Hotel), is the most famous. Waterbom is #1 best waterpark in Asia and #2 best waterpark in the world, Waterbom has myriads of slides and activities suited for family or individual visits. Another waterpark in Kuta is called Circus Waterpark. It is smaller and less expensive compared to Waterbom, but it also serves the best rides for family.

4. The Malls

While being known for the beach and resort atmosphere, Kuta is also a home for Bali’s most famous shopping malls. There are 5 malls spread out around this area alone. Each mall has different character and different kind of visitors. Beachwalk, located before the shore of Kuta Beach, is known for its fashion taste. Mal Bali Galleria, located a bit further from the actions, is more family-oriented. Meanwhile, Discovery Mall is the only mall in Bali to have a beach-front porch. Lippo Mall Kuta is known as one-stop entertainment; and Park 23 on Jalan Kediri is a mid-end haven.

5. Kuta Turtle Conservation

Among its hustle and bustle, Kuta saves a little compassion if you’re up to give back to environment. Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation is a site devoted to protect sea turtle. Visitors can help the site to release baby sea turtle into the sea after receiving intensive care for months. It is a great place to educate children about how important nature conservation is.

6. Ground Zero Monument

There was once a tragedy happened in Bali; but everybody has moved on; everybody has risen from ashes to make a better and more hospitable Bali. To commemorate the departed of the 2002 Bali bombing, Ground Zero Monument stand erects in the border of Kuta and Legian area (near our Kuta Resort). The memorial is carved on sandstone and decorated with marbles. A memorial ceremony is held every year on October 12 to honor those who have fallen victims to the tragedy.

7. Kelan Beach

Do you want a quieter and more hidden beach than Kuta Beach? You can go to Kelan Beach on the southern side of Ngurah Rai International Airport. This fishermen’s beach is conjoined with the airport; therefore, you can count how many airplanes land on or take off from this site. To make it worth more, Kelan Beach also serves the best sunsets in the island and it’s surrounded by myriads of local food stalls.

8. Kuta Karnival

For one weekend in October every year, Kuta turns into a city of carnival. Festivals, fun activities, food bazaars, movie screenings and other activities are held during this period of time. The festival is enormous; and since Kuta is an area with enormous visitors, it makes a great carnival as well. Everybody is invited to have fun together.

9. Miscellaneous

If you’re up for quirky adventures, Kuta saves the hidden gems for those who are intrigued to do.

There’s a hidden, abandoned airplane a few minutes from the airports. Nobody knows for what purpose that airplane is there, but it’s a fun place to take some incredible pictures.

You can also go canoeing beyond the great pillars of Bali Mandara toll road. This toll road connects Nusa Dua and Denpasar, but you can access it from Kuta and have some adventures below.

If you wish to have a quieter jog by the beach, you can go to Jerman Beach. It is the beach that stretches on the southern side of the famous Kuta beach to the airport.

Kuta is a dynamic face of Bali – a modern look of Bali to welcome visitors from all around the world. It is a one-stop getaway if you are new to Bali; or even if you are seasoned in Bali getaway. Sun Island Bali has helped you pointing out some of the best tourist attraction; should you wish to spend your time in Kuta, we are one to take care of you.