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Bali with Kids | Image via pexels

7 Things to Do in Bali with Kids

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While known as a romantic haven, Bali is also a friendly host for family vacation. The island’s natural landscape itself will immediately captivate younger visitors’ attentions. There are sides of the island which are kid-friendly and, more to it, designed to amuse a whole family. From the sandy beach to the exotic animal kingdoms to the local values, these are some things you can do in Bali with kids.

Traditional Balinese Kite Season. Image courtesy: wikimedia

Kite Season in Bali

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A perfect summer day is coming around Bali means the coming of Kite Season, where Bali's sky is adorned with vibrant traditional kites.

Balinese People

A Guide to Balinese Names

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The enchanting world of Balinese culture might get reflected in many aspects and forms, even to the most personal identity of the people: their Balinese names.