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Bali Best Beaches

10 Best Beaches in Bali

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With myriads of world’s most beautiful beaches outlining the island from coast to coast, Bali is a paradise for those who love sands, sea waters and flip-flops. From gold-sanded, black-sanded to white-sanded, Bali has varieties of beaches that might suit your preference.

Sun Island Bali has compiled 10 most beautiful beaches spread around Bali to help you arrange your to-do list in Bali.

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Most Romantic Spots in Sun Island Bali For Your Romantic Getaway

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Bali has always been a romantic destination for decades. Honeymooners or couples visit the island from time to time in order to find love sanctuary for love to harbor. There are hundreds of places in Bali which can make special moments more romantic due to the amorous atmosphere of the gods’ island.

Same as Bali, Sun Island Bali’s properties are as magical, inspiring and romantic. Thereore, Sun Island Bali has prepared for you a romantic to-do list for your romantic Bali getaway reference whether you are staying in our properties or not.

Nadia Vega in an interview

DJ-Singer Nadia Vega at Sun Island Boutique Villas & Spa Seminyak

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Indonesian singer and DJ, Nadia Vega spent 3 days and 2 nights staying at Sun Island Boutique Villas & Spa Seminyak