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Top Attractions in Legian

Top Attractions in Legian

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Legian is a perfect spot for young-at-heart visitors and those who admire the party-face of Bali. Located between the famous Kuta area and fancy Seminyak vibes, Legian is an ideal area for recreation – from surfing, to café-hopping, full-day shopping or full-night partying.

Sun Island Bali  has garnered some top tourism spots in Legian to spend your Bali getaway in style.

10 Most Romantic Places in Bali - Image via NOWBali

10 Most Romantic Places in Bali

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Bali has been long known as the love sanctuary to tourists from all over the world. Should you bring significant other for a romantic getaway in the island of gods, Sun Island Bali has curated for your most special eat-pray-love adventure the most romantic places in Bali.

Top 9 Guest-Favorite Balinese Foods - Image via bali-indonesia.com

Top 8 Guest Favorite Balinese Foods

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As a tropical island where spices and rice grow fruitfully, Bali has myriads of exotic, finger-licking foods, varied from main courses to traditional snacks. As exotic as it can be, here’s a list of most favorite Balinese foods.