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Sunset in Kuta Beach, Image via Wikipedia

Top Tourism Spots in Kuta

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Kuta is always the face of Bali for long-time visitors and first-timer. Once known as a gold-sanded, surfing beach in the 1970s, this area has grown rapidly into an enormous entertainment hub. Everything – from the famous Kuta beach, various hotels of various stars, myriads of shopping places and Bali’s most famous bars – is dwelling in Kuta.

Sun Island Bali has garnered for you a list of the most famous tourism spots in Kuta you simply cannot miss.

Goddess Saraswati celebrated during Saraswati Day

Saraswati Day in Bali

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Saraswati Day is celebrated once every Balinese 210-day lunar year, taking the name from the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom and learning. To pay tribute to the sacred day, the Balinese place offerings in temples and homes, and pray, asking for blessings for their holy texts, books, and any sources of knowledge and learning.

Bali, Indonesia (Credit: Courtesy David Noton Photography / Alamy) - from BBC.co.uk

9 Guest Favorite Tourist Destinations in Bali

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Do you plan a trip only to Bali’s most famous tourist destinations? Please know first that Bali has many splendor places to visit spread in the island’s 9 regencies. Sun Island Bali helps you to points out some guest-favorite tourist destinations; therefore, you can just relax and enjoy your stay.