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Sun Island Suites Goa Gong Accommodation

1-Bedroom Suite

Each of the spacious luxury 1-Bedroom suites will make a private haven for a perfect escape. Every suite is not just comfortable and homey; it also represents a high-end lifestyle that makes your Bali getaway feel favorably different.

2-Bedroom Suite

Excellent for a family or a group of friends, each of the 2-Bedroom Suites offers luxury and convenience, representing a high-end lifestyle in your Bali escape. The two-storey unit measures 314 square meters on the ground floor and 118 square meters on the upper level.

3-Bedroom Suite

Gorgeous, luxurious and generous, the 3-Bedroom Suite is a home to be for your family or corporate gathering in Bali. The ground floor measures 448 square meters, featuring a private parking, a spacious living room and a dining area with a kitchenette, a guest powder room, and a cushy bedroom with a luxurious bathroom.