Restaurants in Bali That All Vegetarians Should Try!

For those wanting to detoxify their bodies, or simply embrace the vegan lifestyle, Bali is an excellent destination to visit. The island is known for its healthy local cuisines, infused with herbs and spices of all kinds. It’s not hard to find a restaurant to satisfy your appetite and fulfill your vegetarian lifestyle! Below are some of our recommendations:


Warung Sopa, Ubud



Located in Ubud, slightly off the main road, is Warung Sopa. This place has a very cozy and homey feel to it. They are famous for their all-vegetarian nasi campur and Nepal chai tea, both of which are an excellent choice should you visit this restaurant.


Zula, Seminyak & Sanur



Vegans rejoice, as this restaurant takes pride in its strict vegetarian menu. Their food is also a blend of different recipes from different cultures, with a touch of Balinese infusion in the dishes. Their healthy menu selection will make anyone consider being a vegan.


Living Food Lab, Badung



Best known for its locally produced ingredients, this restaurant offers a delicious vegan menu that anyone can enjoy. Their gluten-free burgers come with three levels of spicy. Another must-try is their zucchini noodles with green pesto sauce and croquettes.


Divine Earth, Seminyak



Located in Seminyak, this restaurant serves a menu that is plant-based and mostly raw. Vegans will rejoice at the array of healthy food selections offered at Divine Earth. If that isn’t enough, this restaurant has another feature up its sleeve. Located above the restaurant is the Divine Earth Cinema Club, where diners can enjoy a wide range of popular movies and documentaries! Additionally, the cinema is free to use with any purchase from the menu.

To conclude, we hope this short list has helped you pick a perfect lunch or dinner option for you and your vegetarian friends.

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