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17 Jul

Nature Wonders in Bali Bloggers Should Visit

The beautiful island of Bali gets many compliments for its divine landscape, turquoise waters and sandy beaches – it is a wonder of nature. It is not a surprise that it’s often seen as the Island of the Gods. Those compliments are a testament to how beautiful the natural landscapes are in Bali. Many visit […]

3 Jul

Where to Stay During Bali Art Festival 2019?

the Bali Arts Festival has been the center for all things arts and culture in Bali since the 1980’s. This festival showcases Balinese art from all corners of the island and includes other activities as well, such as literature competitions, painting, parades, and traditional dance performances.   Bali Arts Festival 2019     The festival […]

15 May

Best things to do in Jimbaran

Located just south of Kuta is the southern part of Bali known as Jimbaran. There are plenty of activities and locations for you to explore there. In this article, we’ll list some of the most notable destinations for you to visit in Jimbaran.   Seafood at Kedonganan Fish Market     One of the best […]