Welcoming Eid Al-Fitr and Ramadan Traditions in Bali

Ramadhan & Eid Al-Fitr in Bali…

Bali, with a dominance of Hindu cultures and traditions, still mixes its population with all other religions of the world. Several Muslim villages consist of Balinese Muslims who, like Balinese Hindus, have deep traditions and beliefs. Especially in the fasting month of Ramadan before welcoming Eid Al-Fitr. Villages such as Wanasari and Kepaon Village in Denpasar, Gelgel village in Klungkung, Pegayaman Village in Buleleng and Air Kuning Village in Jembrana.

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In order to get together with friends and families, the Balinese Muslims even created their own traditions for Silaturahmi, and believe that Ramadan is a time to get closer to God. Several traditions are held during the fasting month:


  • Takjil Market at Wanasari Village

Sold with a starting price of IDR 3000, local snacks known as ‘Takjil’ (only available during the fasting month) dominate the streets of Jl. A Yani, Wanasari, Denpasar.  This is why it’s given the name ‘Pasar Ramadan’ or ‘Ramadan Market’. Varieties of local Takjil such as Kolak Pisang, Kacang Ijo and es Blewah are also available at the market. Besides these local delights, other dishes such as vegetables and chicken are offered for dinner by some vendors.

  • Megibung at Kepaon Village

Megibung is originally a Balinese tradition of eating food in one plate or container together. One container usually has a portion for 6 people and they all sit around the plate/container and eat the feast together. Muslims of Kepaon Islamic Village have also been preserving this tradition. As it’s believed to be a heritage to strengthen the bond between the villages. It is usually held in the village’s mosque on the 10th day of Ramadan.

  • Ngaminang at Gelgel Village

During the 20th day of Ramadan, the Balinese Muslims of Gelgel Village of Kulungkung do the ‘Ngaminang’, which is similar to Megibung of Kepaon Village. Held during the Iftar, it’s a tradition of eating together in groups of four around a circular tray which consists of rice, crackers, fruits and beverages, along with side-dishes topped with Balinese hoods called Saap. The participants consist of all levels of society, including noble families, village leaders and officials.

  • Eid Mubrak at Pegayaman Village

In the far north region of Buleleng, Muslims in Pegayaman Village have their own unique traditions. It’s called ‘Eid Mubarak’ which is giving offerings such as snacks, foods and fruits to the neighborhood and villagers in the surrounding areas.  The Balinese then return this favor on ‘Galungan’ day which is held twice a year.

  • Rebana Performance at Air Kuning Village

Said to be an influence from the 15th century from the Bugis descendants of Sulawesi island. The Air Kuningan villagers of Jembrana usually perform music on tambourines called ‘Rebana’. Performed with Balinese rhythm and Arabic/Malay lyrics, it is usually held by groups wearing matching uniforms.

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If you are a Muslim looking for a holiday at the time of Ramadan and wish to celebrate it in Bali. Or if you are curious about the different traditions of Muslims in Bali, Sun Island Hotel (located 5 minutes from the airport and a walk away from the popular Kuta Beach) will arrange the trip for you!